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PC Home-Call can provide you with a complete solution in respect of Hardware upgrading. All of our Custom built PC’s come complete with a 3 year Return To Base Warranty.

All Major Brands

Branded laptops, printers and all the latest accessories are all available from our retail shop at High Street prices, giving you great choice and super value.

We are in partnership with all major UK IT trade suppliers, this means you can expect the very best when it comes to choosing your needs. Our team are dedicated to helping you decide too, giving you expert unbiased advice and consultation free whenever you visit or call us.

20 Years Experience

With over 20 years experience within our team, you can be sure we will know exactly what you are looking for. Choosing your hardware or new computer does not need to be mind – boggling! Simply talk to our team , we will walk you through the best options in jargon free efficient painless manner!!

Bespoke PC Design

For your information there are some key components which will shape your PC design:

  • The type of case which will house the assembly.
  • The Power Supply unit (PSU)
  • Size of Hard drive measured in Gigabytes. (Gb)
  • Memory Capacity, measured in megabytes and Gigabytes
  • DVD RW Drive
  • Motherboard
  • USB slots
  • Digital Card Reader
  • Operating System (Windows 7)

Our team will be happy to help should you require further information regarding a new computer or hardware from PC Home-Call. Click here to contact us now!