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Print Spooler keeps crashing

We had a problem with a Windows XP system where the print spooler service kept crashing when you open printers and faxes.. After lots of googling we found the answer.. It seems that if you delete  all .shd or .spl files from C:\Windows\system32\spool\printers then restart the print spooler service all should be good.  

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No Icons/Right Click Option On Desktop

This problem often occurs after a system has been cleared of viruses. To show all Desktop Icons from Explorer, go to the following registry key:  HKEY_CURRENT_USER

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“Warning! The registry settings used by the iTunes drivers for importing and burning CDs & DVDs are missing. This can happen as a result of installing other CD burning software. Please reinstall iTunes.”

This indicates that the device filter that iTunes installs is missing, even after re-installing iTunes it does not get repaired. This is how to fix the issue.

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