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Unclean removal of Eset Mail Security from SBS 2008

Had a Server 2008 box that originally had EMSX 2.7 installed, which was replaced with EMSX 4.

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Server 2008 locks up on login?

If a SBS 2008 server is locking up or freezing when you log in its probably due to IPv6. SBS 2008 is designed to fully support IPv6 and has IPv6 enabled by default. The lock ups are caused by IPV6 and Exchange services being in a constant state of starting and stopping. However you cannot just untick and disable IPv6 …

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SBS 2008 Folder Redirection Policy – Permissions?

By default the users redirected folders on the server have a group policy enabled to “Grant the user exclusive rights to the folder”, meaning that not even the Administrators group have access to it! Best practice dictates that you should turn this policy off before creating users, however if the server is already commissioned or you’ve forgotten about this little …

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