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Dell Screen Replacement

Please Note: This type of Laptop Repair should only be carried out by a trained expert.

According to a research by Squaretrade, two-thirds of new laptops failed due to hardware malfunctions in the first three years of its purchase. Moreover, display screen damage was the second most common problem affecting users, after hard drive failures. In this article, we will help you save a few dollars by showing you how to perform a Dell screen replacement for your Dell laptop at home. This method is specifically demonstrated for Dell Vostro 15R and Inspiron 15R laptops, but it can also be used for other laptop models as well.

Step-by-Step Guide to Dell Screen Replacement

When repairing your Dell laptop at home, especially while carrying out Laptop screen replacement, utmost care should be taken as LCD screens are quite delicate and also have high voltage. Follow this simple step-by-step procedure to replace your Dell Laptop screen on your own.

Step 1: Turn off the power

Before you begin with Dell screen replacement, make sure you switch off your laptop, unplug the AC power and remove the laptop’s battery.

Step 2: Remove the screws on the bezel

The screen bezel of Dell Vostro laptops has six screw seals – two plastic and four rubber seals. Remove these seals using a knife or any other sharp object. Now unscrew the screws under these seals using a screwdriver. Screws in all laptops are found on the bezel at the front of the screen.    

Step 3: Separate the bezel carefully

The bezel is a plastic border, which frames the laptop screen. You need to pull the bezel gently towards yourself. Use your fingers to pull the bezel away from the top corners at first, and then move your way down to the sides.

Step 4: Remove all remaining screws

Remove the screws on each side of the mounting bracket, which secure the LCD screen. Also remove the two screws mounting the web camera.

Step 5: Dislodge the old screen and remove connecting cables

Slowly pull the LCD assembly from its cover and place the screen on the palm rest upside down. Now remove the video cable connecting the LCD to the inverter board by carefully pushing the two latches on both ends. Disconnect the cable from the screen assembly.

Step 6: Test the screen

Follow these steps in reverse to fit a new Dell replacement screen in place of the old one. But before you replace the bezel along with screws back, ensure that the new replacement screen is working properly. For this, you will need to power up your laptop by reinserting the battery. After checking the new screen’s performance, you can put the screws and bezel back into your laptop.

Viola! Your laptop screen is as new as ever. This exercise will banish all doubts you ever had about executing a successful Dell Screen Replacement by yourself.




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