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Bloated WinSxS folder

Running out of hard drive space on your windows 7 system? check the size of c:\windows\WinSxS  (Windows Component Store directory).

This folder often consumes gigabytes of valuable storage space

The WinSxS folder keeps libraries and backups of important DLLs and other files.  WinSxS lets Windows 7 keep and use different versions of the same DLL at the same time ( “SxS” for side by side). Each program can have  the DLL version it needs, solving many incompatibility issues. Also, older, backed-up DLLs are instantly  available, if you need to roll back an update or uninstall software.

You should not attempt to change/modify with it without good cause.

The downsides to WinSxS are certain. All these copies of DLLs and other files consume valuable drive space. The c:\windows\WinSxS folder can amount  to 10GB, or more. The longer you use your computer or the more software and updates you install – the bigger the WinSxS  folder will becomes.

You can’t do anything with files in the WinSxS folder directly. It’s owned by the Windows TrustedInstaller service, even Windows administrators will not be able to change WinSxS contents.

It is though, possible to reduce the size of the WinSXS, but this can only be achieved from the command prompt as follows:

Make sure you have a backup.

open an administrative command prompt and type C:\Windows\System32\DISM /online /Cleanup-Image /SpSuperseded

This may take 5 – 15mins to complete, once finished check the size of the WinSxS folder and hopefully this should have freed up several Gb’s of hard drive space.



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