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After imaging Hard Drive, Windows updates won’t work

After imaging your hard drive to  a more modern drive, you find that windows update will not work & receive the following error

Windows Update Error

This error occurs because hard disk drives have traditionally been based on 512 byte sectors, and all access to the physical media was addressed based on this unit. Recently, hard disks vendors have begun to transition to new disks that have a sector size of 4096 bytes (4 KB). These are generally known as an “Advanced Format Disk”
Because disks are only able to perform physical media updates in the granularity of the physical sector (4 KB in this case), a 512 byte write that is directed to the disk will require some additional work in order to be completed. This work comes at the cost of performance and reliability.with the specific cost varying based on the workload and hardware implementation. To avoid this additional work, applications must be updated to natively support writes that are based on the 4 KB sector granularity.

There are 2 way of fixing this issue…

1, For Windows 7 systems check here or use fix below.
2, For Vista & Windows 7 you can update your Intel Storage Drivers


I have had an email from Leo Enticknap with the following..

I had the Vista won’t update problem on my HP dv6907ea laptop after replacing a failed hard drive (the 250gb one that came with the laptop died and I replaced it with a 1TB Western Digital drive) and restoring from a Clonezilla system image.  However, installing the Intel storage driver didn’t solve the problem by itself.  After further hunting online, I also had to do the ‘Method 8’ below – stopping the Windows Update service and then renaming the SoftwareDistribution folder (in fact I copied it to a USB stick and then deleted it from C:\Windows).  Only after doing that did Windows Update work for me.

Method 8: Rename the SoftwareDistribution folder
Rename the Windows Update temporary SoftwareDistribution folder. To do this, follow these steps:
1. Open an administrative Command Prompt window.
2. Run the following commands, and press Enter after each command:
Net stop wuauserv
cd %systemroot%
Ren SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old
Net start wuauserv
3. Try to install updates again.
Important The following issues occur when you use this method:
Updates that are currently downloaded but that have not yet been installed have to be downloaded again by using Windows
Update or Microsoft Update.
When you delete the Software Distribution folder, your download history is removed.
If you currently receive updates from Microsoft Update and from Windows Update, you will have to reselect this option from the
Windows Update website.
Note If the issue is resolved and you can successfully download and install updates, you can safely delete the
SoftwareDistribution.old folder to recover disk space.

Thanks for the Update Leo.